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Health Strategy


1-1 Coaching

This is designed as a one-time 90 minute coaching session to review your history and goals, along with several recommendations to get started. Includes relevant handouts, email summary

of session and recommendations. 



1-1 Coaching

Four week option


Twelve week option.

I will work with you to meet your goals, provide support and accountability over the course of our time together.

Group Coaching

For groups of

2 - 5 people

Group Coaching is designed to help you to start living an overall healthier lifestyle. We can work on topics such as thyroid health, stress management, to adding more nutrients in your diet. We will meet once a week for 3 months.

Wellness Workshops

For group or corporate environments

The Workshops would be customized to your group preferences. Examples of topics include gut health, stress management, and healthy lifestyle modifications.  

Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder?


Have you ever been told to "eat less and move more"?

Do you still lack energy?


How do you go about implementing your doctors instructions to "get healthy"?


That's where I come in! 

My goal is to help maximize what you need, minimize what is harmful to you and prioritize an environment for healing. 

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